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We Travel Two

The Resource Guide to Keeping Your Child Educated While Traveling

Educational methods, tips, and tons of clickable resources for the traveling parent(s) - all right at the palm of your hand!

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About Us

We Travel Twois a 3-part series designed to help fill the gap in the travel industry by dispelling common fears of single parents wanting to show their children the world. Without a doubt, single parents are the smallest identity amongst nomadic travelers. By addressing these concerns and providing resources, We Travel Twohopes to be part of the reason there is an increase in the traveling-family community in the near future. 

As a single mother of an extraordinary son, I have created a telltale account of my experiences, highlighting the methods, tools, and vital knowledge that afford us the ability to maintain our nomadic lifestyle. To help influence the way and alleviate fears, this resource series can guide you, placing all you need to know in the palm of your hand. 

In We Travel Two, I aim to provide the knowledge and resources to make a traveling lifestyle work for you and your family. I share with you the “gems” to help you prevent the same mistakes I made through our journey. The best part about this series is it is full of so many resources and insights that literally ANYONE can use it: parent or not.

Happy Travels!

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